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Shelly Beach

Perched on the rocky headlands of Manly’s Shelly Beach, this Madeleine Blanchfield designed home is the latest project by Milestone Custom Builders. This architectural masterpiece embraces the juxtaposition of curved and linear elements, harmonising with the natural landscape to evoke a sense of tranquil expansiveness. Echoing the contours of the bay, Shell House incorporates organic shapes and fluid lines throughout its design. From the graceful curves of furniture and balustrades to the sinuous outline of the pool mirroring the sea, every detail pays homage to the coastal environment. A deliberate decision to minimize outdoor living spaces allows for uninterrupted vistas of the bay. The design prioritises proximity to the shoreline, framing the ever-changing seascape through twelve meters of uninterrupted glazing. Inside, the interiors are thoughtfully curated to complement rather than compete with the panoramic views. Sandstone walls seamlessly transition from the exterior, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by the natural hues of sand and sea, the palette creates a serene backdrop, while carefully curated moments throughout the living spaces offer a cinematic experience of light and space. Bronze detailing and humble materials unify the home’s three levels, enhancing its organic flow and connection to the landscape.

Architect: Madeleine Blanchfield